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Value proposal

  • Cloud service

    Our service let you customize the clinical records on the cloud according to each specialty.

  • Introductory note

    Doctors can write an entry of a pacient and this is not showed in the his clinic history.

  • Updates

    We make updates according the law and continous improvement without additional cost that it will be announced in the updating icon.

  • Tech support

    Specializated technical support on line that help you until your problem is solved.

  • SSL Certification

    We are certified like an a very secure software. Our servers Rackspace have SSL certification. We count with automatic backups that use an encrypted system

  • Image attachment

    Image attachement and comparison in gallery.

  • Email

    Sent email when an appoinment is assigned or canceled.

  • Location

    You can add the country and the corresponding city of the pacient.

  • Interoperability Sura

    Interoperability with Sura using the HL7 protocol. We have the possibility to interconnect with other software and biomedical devices.

  • Vademécum

    You can configure and add new medications if we don´t have it in our software.

  • Formulation renewal

    You can renew the formulation or disability of the patient, saving time in the process.

  • Appointments

    You can give appoinments for different kinds of users.

  • Billing

    The billing system let you make bonds, sessions and cotizations..

  • Mobile app

    Coming soon we will have our mobile app, it will let the patients interact with the doctors and it will let them have their clinic history easily.

  • Reports

    Export your statistics through the report gallery using Excel or PDF.

  • Habeas data

    We give the basic Habeas Data template, the users can edit it or create their own templates. Each Habeas Data made for a patient has the posibility to be signed in a digital manner with a mouse, electronic tablet or a mobile phone.

Why HiMed is special?

Learn what this application can offer
Tablet Reflection

Why HiMed is special?

Learn what this application can offer


Made by Doctors and Engineers, for health professionals. It has fast search engines, automatic self-saving every 45 seconds, which allows to recover what is already registered up to 45 seconds before, when an unforeseen event occurs. It allows copying and pasting when there are contingencies or when you have already personalized writings, which you want to attach to the medical record. The development was always done thinking of speeding up the time for doctors, allowing them to dedicate more time to patients.

Complying with the law

It prevents modifying the query once it is recorded. Clarifying notes can be generated associating the date they were made. It adheres to every health regulation in Colombia.

Clinical records

It is a simple, agile and flexible web clinical records service that turns into a substantial reduction of working time for health professionals, through personalized templates, complying with technical, scientific and legal requirements.

Reporting and statistics module

It’s a report maker that will allow the user to generate reports and export them to Excel It also allows to visualize some statistics directly in the application.







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